Ophiothrix spiculata

Ophiothrix (Ophiothrix) spiculata Le Conte, 1851

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World Ophiuroidea Database

LSID   urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:244192
Author(s): Coppard , Simon
Rights holder(s): Coppard , Simon

Ecology and Distribution


In Panama this species has been collected from Venado Beach (USNM E 23688) and the reef of Old French Fort (USNM E 24130), Panama Bay; from the East Chamber of the Miraflores Locks (Panama canal) (USNM E 23622) and  Saint Elmo Bay (USNM E 23516), Rey Island, Perlas Archipelago, Gulf of Panama, eastern Pacific.

Author(s): Coppard , Simon
Rights holder(s): Coppard , Simon