Holothuria floridana

Holothuria (Halodeima) floridana Pourtalés, 1851

Common Names

Florida sea cucumber

Languages: English


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Pourtalès, L. F. (1851). On the Holothuriae of the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Proceedings American Association Advancement Science, Fifth Meeting, Washington. pp. 8-16.

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World Register of Marine Species

LSID   urn:lsid:marinespecies.org:taxname:210900

Author(s): Coppard , Simon
Rights holder(s): Coppard , Simon

Ecology and Distribution


In Panama this species has been collected from Galeta Point (reef West of lab), Galeta Island (USNM E 24001, USNM E 24001), from Miria Island, (USNM E 21671, USNM E 21679, USNM E 21673, USNM E 21683, USNM E 21709), Pico Feo Island (USNM E 22477), San Blas Islands, and from North of Palina Island (USNM E 52888; Centroid Latitude: 9.61306, Centroid Longitude: -79.59722), Colon, Caribbean Sea.

Author(s): Coppard , Simon
Rights holder(s): Coppard , Simon