Synonymised taxa: 

Linckia (Phataria) unifascialis Gray, 1840
Linckia bifascialis Gray, 1840 (synonym according to H.L. Clark (1921))
Linckia unifascialis Gray, 1840
Ophidiaster suturalis Müller & Troschel, 1842 (synonym according to Verrill (1870))
Phataria bifascialis (Gray, 1840)


In Panama this species has been collected from Monte Island (USNM E 11842), Pearl Islands Archipelago (USNM E 7595) and Taboga Island (USNM 39144), Taboguilla Island (USNM E 11832, depth 12 m), Culebra Island (USNM E 37379, USNM E 37377; Centroid Latitude: 8.9133, Centroid Longitude: -79.5317), Venado Island (USNM E 37376; Centroid Latitude: 8.8792, Centroid Longitude: -79.59583), Perico Island (USNM E 35150), Gulf of Panama, eastern Pacific.

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