Eremicaster crassus (Sladen, 1883)

Synonymised taxa: 

Eremicaster gracilis Macan, 1938 (Synonym according to Belyaev (1958), Madsen (1961))
Eremicaster tenebrarius (Fisher, 1905) (Synonym according to Belyaev (1958))
Eremicaster tenebrarius Macan, 1938 (synonym according to Madsen (1961).)
Eremicaster waltherii (Ludwig, 1905) (Synonym according to Belyaev (1985).)
Porcellanaster crassus Sladen, 1883
Porcellanaster gracilis Sladen, 1883 (Synonym according to Belyaev (1985).)
Porcellanaster tenebrarius Fisher, 1905 (Synonym according to Belyaev (1985).)
Porcellanaster waltherii Ludwig, 1905 (Synonym according to Fisher (1911) and Belyaev (1985))


This species is recorded in the eastern Pacific from Alaska, Mexico, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.

In Panama this species was collected southwest of Coiba Island (USNM 34392; Centroid Latitude: 6.2833, Centroid Longitude: -82.0833) and from South of Puerto Armuelles (USNM 34391; Centroid Latitude: 6.1667, Centroid Longitude: -83.1000), Charco Azul Bay, Gulf of Chiriqui, North Pacific Ocean, by the R. V. Albatross from a depth range of 2690 - 3058 m.

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